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The Children's Heart Society is a non-profit, charitable organization committed to providing support, education, research and awareness for those children affected with congenital and acquired heart disease.  


Heart disease in children is the most common birth defect - occurring in one in every 100 births. In comparison: neural tube defects occur one in 1000 births, orificial clefts affect one in 700 to 1000 births.  The most frequent cause of infant deaths is due to congenital heart abnormalities.  Heart disease in children does not discriminate; it can happen to a child of any nationality or socio-economic background.  Because heart disease, unlike cancer, is a hidden illness, the general public is unaware that children do suffer from what most of us believe to be an adult illness. 


Our Vision


A world in which children with heart disease and their families achieve an optimal quality of life.



Our Goals


  • To work towards the day when no child will die from heart disease

  • To ensure the best possible care for children suffering from heart disease

  • To improve the quality of life for children and families living with heart disease

  • To educate the public about heart disease in children and their many needs

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