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A Parent to Parent Referral Program


We connect parents who are experiencing similiar circumstances together or parents that have experience with a specific heart condition to a family that is just beginning their heart journey. When a child is diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, the parents are required to come to terms with this and learn how to care for their child's new special needs. Parents often require additional support. Our referral program provides these families with a safe outlet to share their concerns, frustrations and feelings with someone who has experienced these specific circumstances. This network establishes life long bonds that continue to grow with the child and family. 


Family Centred Events


We host events that bring heart families together. These are special times that the society as a whole gets together. May Camp-out, Jasper Get-Away, Fall Picnic, and the Christmas Party are examples of events that brings families together from across the province where they are able to easily interact. Strong relationships are developed between families who understand the unique experiences of raising a child with special heart needs.

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