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The Children's Heart Society is a  non-profit charitable organization, made up of parents and extended families of children who have acquired or congenital heart disease.  We are joined by others who have chosen to provide support to our families: professionals who work in the medical field, others who have a strong commitment to volunteer wherever they can to build a stronger community, and friends and families that are connected by heart issues in children.


Would you like to join the Children's Heart Society? or know of a family that would benefit from being a member?


Memberships to Children's Heart Society are provided for a small fee and offer the opportunity to participate in our family events such as the Christmas Party, May Campout, and other activities for specific age groups. 

Memberships are $30 per year, per family and renewed each February.  However, if the fee is a financial burden to your family, please let us know, as you will not be denied services.  The costs of running our society are covered through our own fundraising activities.


Membership introduces you, over time, to a network of relationships with people who can understand the unique experiences of raising a child with special heart needs. The strongest bonds are made between families that truly understand the unique situations of raising a heart child. If you would like to join you can mail, fax or email back the membership form. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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